Impeachment, anti-Muslim Ban, GLBTQ marches against Trump join at Trump Hotel

The 27th of January was the anniversary of Donald Trump signing Executive Order 13769, also known as Muslim Ban 1.0. This triggered massive airport protests and urban marches a year ago. This year in DC, the march gathered at the White House to oppose Trump's current Muslim Ban, and was met there by the "People's March on Washington," a much larger march, from the WWII Memorial demanding Trump be impeached.Both marched together to Trump Hotel, where they joined with WERK for Peace's "intersectional" GLBTQ dance party.

On the way to Trump Hotel, the two-component march stopped on Penn Ave just past the Wilson Building to shout at Customs and Border Patrol's offices in the Ronald Reagan Building further back. CBP had been the orginal objective of the march against the Muslim Ban. It was the Muslim Ban protesters who led the combined march from the White House, but Trump Hotel may simply have been deemed to be one of the few buildings associated with Trump and his evil works that would actually have Trump supporters inside on a Saturday.

WERK for Peace marched north, not south at the conclusion of their rally, but one of their keynote speakers in front of Trump Hotel was from the march against the Muslim Ban. He noted that Queer and Trans Muslims were affected like all others by Trump's ban, and said "we will never stop fighting the man who owns that tacky hotel." Each mention of Trump's Muslim Ban or the hotel brought a chorus of booing from the crowd. Three different marches had been joined into a single whole by the menace of their combined enemy, Donald Trump.

The Werk For Peace action itself was a joint action with the National LGBTQ Task force, and was known as "WERK for Consent." Like the other two marches it has specific demands. In this case they were actually of the DC City Council, which is being asked to pass bills to decriminalize sex work and to put the brakes on gender-based street harassment. The Washington Blade reports that WERK for Consent had as a specific theme "Intersectionality" meaning solidarity with others under attack such as Muslims, immigrants, Indigenous people and people of color in general. When the rally at Trump Hotel was over, WERK for Consent led everyone in a march to and past the Wilson Building, where speakers pressed the demands being made of the City Council.

More on the WERK for PEACE/Task Force action from the Washington Blade

Video showing how the three marches worked together

Speaker at WERK For Consent demands DC decriminalize sex work

In front of Trump Hotel by WERK for Peace, just after the other marches joined forces with them

The impeachment march issues forth from the WWII Memorial, not sure if they started there or further up the Mall

Marchers on the move after leaving Trump Hotel

Dancers in front of Trump Hotel

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