On the 28th of November, pro-Gaza protesters showed up at the Capitol's Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Four were arrested for unknown reasons by Capitol Police.

Video: Capitol Police arresting protesters at the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting 19 sec

Video: Black Friday Gaza protest blocks Towson Mall entrance 38 sec

On November 24, Protesters blocked the entrance to Towson Mall. The cops were called Zionists in chants after pushing them to the sidewalk for the benefit Black Friday shoppers.

This was part of a wave of Black Friday protests for Gaza from coast to coast across Turtle Island.

On the day before "ThingsTaking," the busiest travel day of the year, pro-Palestine protesters returned to DC's Union Station for a die-in. This protest dramatized the mass murder of children and civilians under the storm of rockets and bombs Israel has devastated Gaza with.

Video-"Octopus" or "Star" blockade shutting down Project Pipes site 34 seconds

On the 26th of October Extinction Rebellion DC locked down at a Washington Gas "Project Pipes" construction site, shutting it down until they could be extracted.

Note that what would have been a second day's disruption of the North American Gas Forum on Oct 25 was scrubbed in favor of supporting Gaza solidarity protests.

Video: car caravan and noise protest for Gaza at State Dept 3 min 9 sec

Late afternoon on Oct 25, antiwar protesters descended on the US Department of state with noisemakers-and a 2020-style car caravan. State Department employees coming out received chants of "Quit Your Job!"

Video highlights of the 2023 High Heel Race 1 min 9 sec

On Oct 24, DC's famous High Heel Race returned to 17th st, with the full support of the city. Among the more notable costumes were "Trump Baby" and even "Trump Baby in Jail" along with so many stunning performers.

This is a family-friendly drag event, the kind DeSantis and other GOP bottom-barrel types want to make a FELONY.

We as a community are standing our ground against drag bans!

Author confronting the transphobic bigots at the Convention Center 22 seconds

On the 21st of October, some kind of pharmaceutical industry or medical event was held at the DC Convention Center. For some reason it drew bigoted, anti-trans protesters who denied the very existance of trangender folks.

Video: protesting "Genocide Joe's" Gaza war speech 1 min 46 sec

On the 19th of October, Biden gave an Oval Office speech trying to link his "all-in" support for Israel's war in Gaza to the ongoing war in Ukraine. A half dozen noisy protesters gathered as close to the White House press area as they could get with bullhorns and drum, denouncing Biden as "Genocide Joe."

On the 18th of October, two banners supporting the beseiged people of Gaza, Palestine were dropped over DC's North Capitol Street, a busy commuter route

Video-the rally in Lafayette Square across from the White House 1 min 15 sec

On the 17th of October, a bomb hit a hospital in Gaza City, one estimate for the number of dead was 900 people many of them children. As night fell in Washington and Biden was on a plane to Israel, furious protesters gathered at the White House to denounce the brutal war in Gaza. This protest was one of a great many held around the world.

Video: DC Bike Party starting out at Dupont Circle 1 min 6 sec

Friday the 13th was the DC Bike Party's Halloween Ride. Hundreds of riders took to the streets, some bikes were brilliantly lit up and several mobile sound systems were part of the ride

Video: the Mourner's Kaddish in Malcolm X Park calls out apartheid and settlement as causes of the war 1 min 30 sec

On the 10th of October, the IfNotNow movement held a Jewish mourner's Kaddish for the victims of the latest war in Gaza-without regard to nationality.

A meeting by so-called "Moms4Liberty" in Clarksburg, MD draw protesters outraged by their anti-lgbtq+ and especially anti-trans agenda of hate. Moms4Liberty is also possibly the most infamous book-banning outfit in the entire so-called "United States"

Video: camera pan shows strong turnout against Moms4Liberty's hate 26 sec

On Friday, the 15th of September, Trump was scheduled to appear and speak twice in DC: once to Concerned Women for America at 7PM at the Capitol Hilton (1001 16th st NW), and the 2nd time at 9PM at "Pray, Stand, Vote, which is a Christo-Fascist group that appears to have the bigoted "Family Research Council" as it's core.The second appearance was at the Omni Shoreham at 2500 Calvert St NW,during a 3 day hatefest also featuring DeSantis.

The decades-long fight to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences may finally have a decisive ending. This is somewhat old news but is not well known: After Fortress dumped HLS under pressure from SHAC and DC-based DARRT, HLS barely survived. They merged in 2015 with two other companies into a new firm called Envigo, with a new lab in Cumberland, Va. In summer 2022, that lab was finally forced to stop their animal testing.

At 8:15 am on August 21, six Declare Emergency supporters went into the road and sat down because they were tired of society ignoring the climate emergency. They disrupted traffic on 12th Street NW and Constitution Ave NW in Washington D.C. to demand that President Biden declare a climate emergency and halt all new fossil fuel projects on Federal and Indigenous lands and waters. Laura Simon of VT, Michele Drossman of NY, and Anastasia Rogers of CA were arrested.

video from footage by Our Rights DC 1 min 36 sec

On the 17th of August, protesters once again showed up at the entrance to the posh private community so-called "Justice" Clarence Thomas lives in.

Protesters called out his corruption and pay for play politics as making him unfit for office. Can you say "billionaire Republican megadonor Harlan Crow" and "Clarence Thomas" together?

The cops must have been caught by surprise, it took them nearly an hour to show up.

Video of blockade arrests by Anthony Peltier 2 min 52 sec

On July 24, Generation Ratify blocked DC's Constitution Ave to support ratification of the ERA(Equal Rights Amendment). Twenty or more activists set up the blockade, while maybe 5 members of the forced-birth group PAAU (the fetus stealers) tried to counterprotest but were ineffective. Two pro-ERA blockaders were arrested

On the 13th of July, so-called "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett received yet another protest at her N Va home. She is also known as "the Handmaid" for her holding that exact title in the far-right Christian cult "People of Praise." The home demos continue, and far-fight whining cannot stop them. Only a guarantee of abortion and gender rights can do that.

Video by John Zangas:Celebration in front of the White House 42 seconds

On the 10th of June, some DC activists celebrated the news that former "Not My President" Donald Trump has been indicted on 37 Federal charges.

Even this may not be enough to put him in the "Big House," but it will complicate his path back to the White House. It's not a legal disqualification but being charged or especially convicted essentially as a spy against the US could cost him a lot of votes.