Tampa, FL pro-Palestine protesters march on "Winter Village" festival

Video-Marching on Tampa's "Winter Village" holiday festival

3 min 9 sec

On the 25th of November, Tampa area Palestinians and their many allies gathered at a park across from the courthouse. There they remembered the many martyr's of the current war, at least 8,000 of them children slaughtered in their homes or on the streets.

After the vigil, participants marched across downtown to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park-and the "Winter Village" Christmas festival being held there. For safety's sake , the march passed by the festival one walkway short of it rather than going through it.

Before the march, both a Muslim Imam and a Christian minister spoke at the vigil. The Christian bluntly warned that "you cannot build a holy land on the mass graves of children and condemned the hypocrisy of "Christians" supporting Israel's genocide.

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