Atlanta: Block Cop City stands up to shields and gas, 8 lock down to construction equipment

Video of the march and police violence 3 min 45 sec

On the 13th of November the Block Cop City march faced off with cops near Weelaunee Forest. The cops lacked the courage or maybe the strength to fight the banner wall protected wedge formation at the lead of the march shield to shield. Instead, they opened up with tear gas and flashbangs. This failed to end the march-and 8 protesters got through and locked down to construction equipment.

Perhaps the cops learned to forget close quarters battle and use area effect weapons instead when they trained jointly in Israel with the IDF? There too, the IDF lacks the courage to fight in the tunnels, so instead they are trying to destroy all of Gaza under a storm of bombing.v

Anyway, at Weelanuee Forest today, the wind caught the gas and blew some of it back on the cops, who had not masked up. This is an inherent risk of chemical weapons and cannot be avoided, going all the way back to World War I. Both sides retreated from the contaminated air and both regrouped.

Cops continued to fire tear gas in at least one location as marchers headed back. A menacing threat of mass arrest did not deter the march from holding together all the way back to their starting point.v

All this chaos distracted the cops-and 8 protesters slipped past everything, penetrated all police defenses, and locked down to construction equipment at the Cop City construction site.

This is an automatic VICTORY for Block Cop City, as they achieved their stated goal of entering the site and holding a civil disobedience. The fact that even ONE person reached the site and locked down is an automatic defeat for the police, as they failed to prevent all protesters from reaching the site much less locking down to it. Anything the cops do after changes only the price not the fact of this heroic victory over what looked like insurmountable odds.

vSuck it up, Atlanta Police Foundation, you LOST today. Tort will NEVER be forgotten, Cop City will NEVER be built!

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