Atlanta: Block Cop City stands up to shields and gas, 8 lock down to construction equipment

On the 13th of November the Block Cop City march faced off with cops near Weelaunee Forest. The cops lacked the courage or maybe the strength to fight the banner wall protected wedge formation at the lead of the march shield to shield. Instead, they opened up with tear gas and flashbangs. This failed to end the march-and 8 protesters got through and locked down to construction equipment.

Video of the march and police violence 3 min 45 sec

Extinction Rebellion DC shuts down Washington Gas "Project Pipes" site

On the 26th of October Extinction Rebellion DC locked down at a Washington Gas "Project Pipes" construction site, shutting it down until they could be extracted.

Video-"Octopus" or "Star" blockade shutting down Project Pipes site 34 seconds

Photo by XRDC

Climate activists disrupt North American Gas Forum

On the 24th of Octover, seemingly all of the area climate activists descended on the North American Gas Forum, with protesters outside and disruption inside. Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources
Geoffrey R. Pyatt was inside hobnobbing with gas barons.

Video of the protest outside, ejection of the inside team, and pursuit of Pyatt's car 6 min

Beyond Extreme Energy organizer punched at "Petro Pete" protest

Climate Defiance has been bird-dogging Biden's secretary of transportation Pete Buttigieg. He is known as "Petro Pete" for his support of the oil and gas industries. At a protest presumably on Oct 19 (the day this video emerged), one of the staffers PUNCHED a Climate Defiance organizer in the face.

Climate Defiance organizer punched at "Petro Pete" protest 2 seconds

Young activists at NYC Climate March threaten Biden with election boycott over pipelines and drilling

During the big Sep 17 climate march in NYC, a young activist from Korea spoke on the destruction caused by fossil fuel colonialism. At the end of her speech, she directly warned Biden to either stop approving fossil fuel projects, or risk an electoral boycott by young people.

Video:A young activist from Korea directly threatens an electoral boycott over fossil fuel projects 2 min

Opponents of Cop City(Atlanta) reply to indictments with hard lockdown stopping construction

On the 7th of September, the Atlanta community sent a "fuck you, Russian warship!" style message to the prosecutors behind the Sep 5 grand jury indictments of 61 heroes for opposing the project. Activists invaded the construction site and locked down to bulldozers while passing motorists honked at a support rally. This is a real "put up or shut up" moment, and activists just "put up" in a very big way.

Video from inside the lockdown 2 min 4 sec

Washington Gas owned by MVP investor AltaGas

As part of their "Project Pipes" campaign to shut down Washington Gas instead of giving them a $5 billion subsidy to replace their leaking pipes, Extinction Rebellion DC (XRDC) researched their ownership. On turning over a rock, XRDC uncovered a toxic mess: turns out Washington Gas is owned by Michigan-based AltaGas, an investor in the infamous Mountain Valley Pipeline or MVP.

Declare Emergency blockades AM rush hour traffic on 12th st over climate

At 8:15 am on August 21, six Declare Emergency supporters went into the road and sat down because they were tired of society ignoring the climate emergency. They disrupted traffic on 12th Street NW and Constitution Ave NW in Washington D.C. to demand that President Biden declare a climate emergency and halt all new fossil fuel projects on Federal and Indigenous lands and waters.

Photo by Declare Emergency

Kamela Harris disrupted at closed fundraiser over Hawaii wildfires and climate chaos

On Saturday the 12th of August, Climate Defiance managed to obtain tickets to a closed Biden fundraiser featuring Kamela Harris in Massachusetts. As she spoke, Climate Defiance activsts stood up and interrupted her. They reminded her that the Biden administration is expanding "expanding fossil fuels faster than TRUMP!"

Climate Defiance's video of their disruption of Kamela Harris 52 sec

Climate Defiance HALTS play at Citi Open

On the 3ed of August, Climate Defiance got inside the Citibank-sponsored Citi Open tennis match in Washington DC. Once inside, they unfurled banners and tossed oversize mock tennis balls painted in flames onto the field. The entire event had to stop and wait while the mock tennis balls were removed, and security got quite rough with Climate Defiance.

Video from raw clips by Ford Fischer 2 min 11 sec