DC activists celebrate as Trump gets indicted on 37 Federal charges

Video by John Zangas:Celebration in front of the White House 42 seconds

On the 10th of June, some DC activists celebrated the news that former "Not My President" Donald Trump has been indicted on 37 Federal charges.

Even this may not be enough to put him in the "Big House," but it will complicate his path back to the White House. It's not a legal disqualification but being charged or especially convicted essentially as a spy against the US could cost him a lot of votes.

There is the possibility of considerable trouble in Miami on Tuesday, as Trump has called on his supporters to gather there. Vague Qanon-style threats are circulating, and Trump has a record of inciting violence. On the other hand, he threw those who fought for him on Jan 6 2021 under the bus, so previous attempts by Trump to call new street mobilizations have failed, drawing laughable turnouts. Yet he still commands a sizable lead over all other GOP candidates for President in 2024, and likely over Biden as well. With luck this prosecution will take some wind out of his sails.

Still from video by John Zangas

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