#CancelKavanaugh protest marches on Hart Building, disrupts Senate offices against Kavanaugh nomination

Video of march on and inside the Hart Building

On the 24th of September, hundreds of protesters gathered at the Supreme Court and marched to the Hart Senate Office Building. Once inside, protesters gathered in the atrium before marching to the offices of Senator's Collins and Flake. Both of these Senators are believed to be swing votes who could torpedo the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court once and for all.

Several arrests were reported at the office of Sentator Collins. At the conclusion of the visits to Senators Flake and Collins, protesters exited the Senate and marched back to the Supreme Court.

These protests took place as a second surviver of Kavaugh's sexual abuse has stepped forward to blow the whistle on him. Meanwhile, Dr Christine Ford is scheduled to testify against Brett Kavanaugh this Thursday, Sep 27. She and other survivers need to know people have their backs. The same fanatical GOP witch-hunt faced by Anita Hill is now being directed full force and fury at Dr Ford. She had to move herself and her family out of their home after being doxxed and receiving a blizzard of death threats from the far-right.

The fight to stop Kavanaugh's nomination could prove to be the turning point of the entire conflict between Trump's extreme-right GOP and the rest of the people. If Kavanaugh is stopped and the GOP loses control of the Senate in November, Trump might not be able to get any more nominees confirmed. At that point, he is less likely to win any court cases concerning immunity from prosecution, fitness for office, impeachment, etc. If Kavanaugh is seated, Trump may receive immunity second only to a pardon from a succeeding President for his crimes. For that matter, a Kavanaugh Supreme Court could well uphold a self-pardon.

Trump however is already notorious for misogyny, and may have wasted his chance to gain control of the Supreme Court by nominating a rapist for his second SCOTUS pick. The growing chorus of multiple survivers coming forward could well sink Kavanaugh's nomination for good. If just ONE member of the GOP decides a rapist does not belong on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh is finished. The previously-expected four Democratic votes to confirm him are probably gone, as any Democrat voting to confirm a MAGAt/rapist to the Supreme Court would face a guaranteed primary challenge.

Fists raised in the Hart building Atrium

Marching from the Supreme Court

A protester in constume from the Handmaid's Tale. This really IS the stakes if KKKavanaugh is seated

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