Chaos in Miami, protester charges motorcade after Trump's arraignment on 37 Federal felonies

Video of the circus in Miami w DC's own Nadine and the protester charging the motorcade 1 min 8 sec

There were fights and showy scenes like someone with a fake pig's head with a US flag in it, but the star of the show was a heroic warrior who burst forth from the crowd as Trump's motorcade was leaving and blocked the road.By his own reports about 20 cops tackled him but his point was made. He was in 1930's style jail stripes and even a mock ball and chain.

The scene in Miami was quite the zoo, with someone reminding everyone that "Trump threw the J6'ers under the bus" and DC's own Nadine with a "Trump indicted" banner calling for locking him up forever.

Miami and the world got a break though: with Trump indeed having thrown the J6'ers under the bus, not enough Proud Boys and 3%'ers showed in in Miami to do anything about the indictment much less launch another coup attempt. Although one counterprotester had to threaten to draw a gun to deter a group beating, no serious physical violence occurred.

Just enough Proud Boys and Moms4Liberty goons went to Miami to permit pro-LGBTQ speakers to control the floor at the Polk County School Board's meeting that night, which was supposed to be a major Fascist target.

Still from Joel Franco's video of a protester blocking Trump's motorcade

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