J6'ers and counterprotesters stage volume duel at DC Jail as Trump indictment #3 announced

Video from raw clips by Ford Fischer and Evan Koslof 45 sec

The first of August was the 1 year anniversary of the extreme-right, pro-Trump/pro J6 protest at the DC Jail. As has been routine in recent months, counterprotesters drowned them out with bullhorns, sometimes in siren mode.

The same place will probably be an absolute and total circus on the evening of Thursday, August 3 after Trump's 4PM court appearance at the Federal courthouse Trump is facing 70 years on J6-related charges and if he were anyone else would be held without bond. If THAT happens, expect a very tense scene at DC Jail that night.

Remember that when Trump lost the 2020 election, three huge street battles (20,000+ participants) were fought in the city as a result, culminating in the J6 attempt to overturn the election by force and if necessary arms.

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