Orlando protests as Desantis replaces area's prosecutor w one of his minions.

On August 10, a substantial crowd protested outside Orlando City Hall against DeSantis sacking his SECOND elected prosecutor. This is not about someone losing their job, but rather about the dangerous fascist being appointed to take her place.

Video from the protest at Orlando City Hall 5 min

On Aug 9, Florida dictator Ron DeSantis "suspended" the Orlando area's elected reformist prosecutor Monique Worrel. He installed far-right, Federalist Society affiliated judge Andrew Bain as her replacement. Andrew Bain is promising more holds without bond, a refusal of all diversion programs, and more. He is a Fascist just like DeSantis and represents police warfare against all communities that are not rich, white, and Cishet.

Fl Rep Anna Eskamini pointed out that it is another DeSantis-appointed, unelected prosecutor in Tampa who is responsible for the Tampa 5 felony charges against peaceful protesters.

Monique Worrel herself spoke at the rally-and pointed out that the day after she was sacked, "investigators" showed up at her house whining about her allegedly being too slow to return every last piece of Fl state property she had accumulated in three years in elected office. She warned that if this is how DeSantis treats a former prosecutor, how will he treat those his police arrest in the community?

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