Reportbacks from national march for Gaza in DC

10PM: Unicorn Riot video: Cops clear Penn Ave to push protesters further from White House 1 min 21 sec

7 PM: The big march has wound through the streets around the streets near the White House. As the march ended, a crowd lingered near the White House until cops pushed them back. Not far away, the McDonald's closest to the White House got graffiti and a smashed window. McDonald's is on the list of top US corporations targetted for boycotts by the BDS (Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions) movement for their involvement in Israel's apartheid regime. Video of the march and some of the intensity afterwards 1 min 45 seconds

3:30PM Nuno Marques footage from Freedom Plaza shows huge crowd 14 seconds

3PM Our Rights DC footage from Freedom Plaza 12 seconds

3PM Pro-J6 fake media personality "Glorybeefreedom" AKA Jennifer Oberholtzer spotted at growing crowd for main march. Seems to be in agitator not fake media role at the moment

1:35PM: report of police hassling incoming protesters with signs or wearing kheffiyah on the Metro. This stopped as protesters density on trains grew

1PM: Protesters create memorial to children murdered in Gaza by indiscriminate bombing, "between the lamp posts" on Penn Ave at the White House. Cops threaten arrest but protesters called their bluff. Video from Unicorn Riot's footage 1 min 45 sec

Someone suggesting giving Israel Florida to allow them to exit Palestine.

Top BDS target McDonald's got some smashy smashy near the White House

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