Activists show up twice in one day at Wharf near Sen Manchin's liveaboard houseboat

Video-birddogging and protecting Manchin twice in one day 56 sec

With Senator Manchin trying to torpedo the climate provisions of the budget bill, pro-Earth activists have decided to dog Manchin. Twice on Oct 18 they showed up at the sole entrance/exit from the dock where his houseboat is tied up, hoping to speak with him about the climate chaos he is promoting.

Manchin never showed up in the morning, activists stayed up until well after 9AM. Normally he leaves his boat for Capitol Hill sometime between 7:30AM and 9AM. Activsts returned in the evening for a rally. During the rally, a report was received that Sen Manchin was seen driving away from the marina. This implies he arrived there intending to return to his boat, realized protesters were in the way, and scuttled away in defeat.

Manchin is torpedoing more than the climate deal. By defending the filibuster he is as responsibe as anyone for the likelihood that GOP voter suppression laws in MAGAT-dominated states will not be overturned by any form of Federal action. The Washington Post and countless others have laid out what happens next: voter suppression all but guarantees a GOP sweep of the 2022 midterm Congressional elections. Next, they put into place procedures to let state legislatures throw out the popular vote in picking Presidental electors-and to throw elections into the House when convenient to do so. Finally, Trump announces his 2024 candidacy, the election is shot through with cheating and Trump then succeeds where he failed in 2020. The election is stolen, political violence rocks the US, and according to a Washington Post opinion piece the country splits up into "warring factions." That is the corporate press, indeed the very mouthpiece of capitalism predicting outright civil war-and Manchin is helping to make this possible.

Fifteen years ago, activists visited the New York Yacht Club because some who had boats there were trying to get vivisector Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS) listed on the NYSE. This time around, Manchin may kill even more than the thousands of innocent puppies HLS killed-he may kill the whole country as a unified entity by defending the filibuster OR by letting climate change flood the country out, burn it to the ground, or both.

Evening rally on public property at only entrance to dock leading to Manchin's boat

Activists showed up bright and early at 7AM too

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