Neighbors ask lone counterprotester to turn down music or leave at rally to save McMillan Park

On the 30th of October, opponents of "redevelopment" of McMillan Park into "mixed use" office, upscale retail, and luxury apartments held a rally at 1st and Bryant Sts NE. A single supporter of the developers attempted to counterprotest by playing one song over and over at top volume on a sound system mounted in his car. Neighbors disturbed by the noise demanded he turn it down or leave.

The counterprotester claimed that opponents of the project "didn't live in the neighborhood," yet HE was the one multiple neighbors confronted, ordering him to turn down the racket or move his car. Eventually he complied, first turning down the music and then leaving in defeat. He claimed that affordable housing would be part of the project, but only TWO such individual apartments are planned. No doubt none of the folks being bulldozed out of their tents by Mayor Bowser would ever be able to afford either one. Meanwhile upscale grocer Harris-Teeter is a proposed retail anchor tenant. There is money to be made in filling in green space with upscale housing, shopping, and Class A office buildings. Rock Creek Park and Malcolm X Park would be next if Mayor Bowser had her way.

The developers attempting to destroy McMillan Park are Trammell Crow Co., EYA Inc. and Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners. They have already faced protesters locked to demolition equipment. DC Councilmember Phil Mendelson has already had protesters show up at his house over this as well.Supporters of the park (unlike one noisy counterprotester)are NOT going away!

The car with the raised hatch contains the solo pro-developer counterprotester

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