Franklin Square closed for "renovation"

It looks like the question of why police harassed homeless people camping in Franklin Square just before the George Floyd Uprising started has been answered. A "partnership between the National Park Service and ... Mayor Muriel Bowser" has fenced off the park for a major renovation project. No doubt this is to include permanent expulsion of the homeless to make way for upscale office workers and power lunches.

If and when Franklin Square ever reopens, dogs on leashes held by rich people will bark "Yup Yup Yup" while Park Police patrol to ensure no homeless person ever sets foot in the park again. Probably anyone who is not an approved shade of white will receive demands for ID and their reason for being in the park as well.

Yuppies in, Homeless out. Mayor Bowser and Trump's federal troops (in the form of Park Police) working in unity

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