Harriet's Wildest Dreams marches on DC Mayor's office, Dept of "Justice" and DC Police HQ

On the 6th of October, DC's Harriet's Wildest Dream assembled in Freedom Plaza for a march demanding killer cops be fired and jailed. Included in the speakers were the mothers of a number of people murdered by police in DC and surrounding areas.

Video:the march arrives at MPD's HQ, cops are ordered by protesters to "Move Back," and Jason Bagshaw gets called out 1 min 53 sec

In front of MPD

Neo-Nazi "Blood Tribe" and "Goyim Defense League" terrorise Altamont near Orlando, FL

On the 2nd of September, hard Nazi groups Blood Tribe and GDL never made it into Orlando proper, instead terrorizing people in Crane's Beak Park near their staging area where they left their cars. The walk to Orlando was too much for these "store bought tridents" to consider. Black Lives Matter marches in DC have sometimes walked over 10 miles, neo-Nazi losers apparently are not up for this.

Video:Neo Nazi losers bring back "Jews will not replace us," threaten media to lose pursuit back to their cars 1 min 27 sec

Protest held at Orlando prosecutor's office against DeSantis-appointed new prosecutor

On the 1st of September, protesters gathered at the N Orange Ave office of the Orange County area's state prosecutor. Protesters called out new prosecutor Andrew Bain's extreme right, racist, transphobic, and homophobic agenda of hate. This agenda is being imposed on Orlando over the objection of voters, who did NOT choose Andrew Bain. It is the Federalist Society and DeSantis who selected (NOT elected) Bain.

Jacksonville protest against Saturday's racist murders calls out DeSantis as a Nazi

Video:marchers, speakers call out DeSantis as racist and Nazi 3 min 3 sec

On Monday the 28th of August, what was to be a commemoration of MLK's March on Washington in Jacksonville, FL instead turned into a furious protest against Saturday's murders-and of Fl Governor Ron DeSantis. The Governor is being considered responsible for the shootings. He is being called out for all but soliciting the murders with his steady drumbeat of racist laws and propaganda.

MAGA extremists, counterprotesters descend on DC Federal courthouse as Trump arraigned

Trump's appearance at DC's E Barret Prettyman Federal courthouse created a circus atmosphere outside, MAGA meatheads protested Trump's indictment for three major felonies stemming from his failed Jan 6 2021 coup attempt. They were in turn counterprotested by DC residents and others who were not pleased to Trumpers return to DC given the known history of violence Nov 14 2020-Jan 6 2021.

Video by Iron Snowflake: Scene at DC Federal court as Trump surrenders 4 min 11 sec

Video by John Zangas/DC Media Group: Chaotic scene outside the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse 2 min 51 sec

Ajike Shanterell’s mother, community members speak at press conference after Ajike was murdered by Susan Lorincz

On Friday the 2nd of June in Ocala, FL, Ajike Shantrell went to the door of racist neighborhood bully Susan Lorincz to ask about an Ipad stolen from one of her four children. Susan opened fire without ever opening the door, killing Ajike. As she was a single mother this left her kids without either parent.

Video highlights of the press conference, featuring Ajike Shanterell's mother 6 min 7 sec.

DeSantis's "Twitter Fail" Presidential announcement draws protesters to 4 Seasons Miami

On the 24th of May, Florida's fascist and theocratic extremist governor Ron DeSantis formally announced he is running for President in 2024. This announcement was delayed over a half hour by "problems" at Twitter of unknown origin. In Miami, his supporters were beginning a two day retreat at the Four Seasons Miami. This drew a small number of pro-Trump protesters and a large number of anti-GOP/anti-Fascist/anti-theocratic protesters. At least three of the latter got inside the event before being expelled.

Video of the anti-theocrat/anti-GOP/anti-Fascist protest against DeSantis 3 min 48 sec

Women's Voices of SW Florida activists eating pudding inside the Four Seasons 54 sec

Protesters in downtown Miami against DeSantis

Solo counterprotester heckles and shames Patriot Front's fascist march in DC

On the 13th of May, explicitly Fascist group Patriot Front staged another one of their "mass marches" of a hundred or so in Washington DC. A solo counterprotester called them out, demanding the "get a job," calling them "incels," the works.

Video-one person heckles Patriot Front HARD 45 sec

DeSantis appearance at Heritage Foundation in DC draws furious protesters

On the 18th of April, genocidal anti-Trans Fl Governor DeSantis showed up in DC at the Heritage Foundation. This while trans kids were arrested in the FL State House trying to stop a bill to allow CPS to take them from their familes and he just signed a 6 week abortion ban. Furious protesters forced him to slink in via the back door-and surprised him there when he left.

Video-confronting DeSantis at Heritage Foundation 1 min 39 sec

Don't Say DeSantis (Photo by Our Rights DC)

Heavy cop presence some with AR-15 rifles at Atlanta Stop Cop City march

On March 8, an extremely heavy police presence shadowed an Atlanta Stop Cop City march. Some of the cops were armed with AR-15 rifles.

Video: three clips from much longer video by Ford Fischer, good view of cops w AR-15 rifles 2 min 19 sec

Still from Ford Fischer’s video of March 8 Stop Cop City march in Atlanta