Kayaking protesters show up at Sen Manchin's yacht-AGAIN

Video-Kayaks, the reckless police boat handling, and a speaker recounts Manchin whining about "noisy" protests 3 min 41 sec

On the 21st of October, protesters in kayaks returned to Senator Joe Manchin(D-W-Va)'s yacht for the second time this month. This was also the 2nd time this week they were at the Wharf. A police boat threatened to ram kayakers but backed off when this bluff was called.

Manchin is trying to strip climate provisions from the budget/reconciliation bill known as the Build Back Better Act. He is essentially funded by the coal industry, W Va residents speaking on a nearby pier said he is ignoring their needs.

After the last round of protests, his neighbors in nearby boats complained to him about the protests being "noisy." Well, one of the W Va residents who spoke on the pier reports they live near Manchin's W Va residence and he should pay more attention to what his real neighbors are saying. Hopefully the other boaters at the Capital Yacht Club will get sick of the protests he brings and run him off. He can of course prevent that by answering to real W Va residents instead of out of state coal company CEO's and lobbyists.

Senator Joen Manchin's yacht is the 3ed largest moored at the Capitol Yacht Club. He lives aboard but that massive yacht is larger than many people's homes. W Va residents (his supposed but "nonpaying" constituants) are complaining that they cannot afford medical care, childcare, and so much else hile he sits on his expensive yacht.

Photo taken from the water

W Va residents and activists at the pier

Kayakers move in on Manchin's position

Police boat makes reckless close approach, threatens to ram, gets his bluff called

Greenpeace dropped a banner while kayakers were in the water below(photo from Greenpeace USA twitter)

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