Community activists protest Truist Bank's fence, closure, and plans for Adams-Morgan Plaza

Video: activists march on the plaza, again rebuild monument to Miguel Gonzales 2 min 16 sec

On the 17th of June, DC community activists rallied in front of Truist Bank in Adams-Morgan before marching to Adams-Morgan Plaza. At the plaza, they restored the memorial to Miguel Gonzales that Truist Bank had again destroyed. Afterwards the march proceeded though the streets to Dupont Circle.

Miguel Gonzales was an unhoused resident of Adams-Morgan Plaza who died after thugs hired by Truist Bank to remove unhoused residents and their tents stole his blankets on a bitterly cold day. He died of hypothermia as a result of that. Truist Bank is thus guilty of at least negligent homicide if not outright contract murder.

All this because Truist Bank wants to demolish the plaza and replace it with "in-fill" luxury housing. If unhoused people have to die to make way for "a better class of people," well that's the price of "progress" as defined by rich people who've never slept outside in their entire lives unless in a campground. Calls were made at the protest for the DC government to cut the bullshit and flatly use eminent domain to take the plaza away from the parasites at Truist Bank. City politicians and Mayors being as they are of course, eminent domain usually runs in the other direction. The DC baseball stadium that destroyed a Gay neighborhood is a notorious example.

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