Updated video: Pro Palestine protesters SHUT DOWN Union Station

More spectacular video from the boisterous but peaceful protest that made cops SHUT DOWN Union Station 2 min 9 sec

Video by Chuck Modi: furious protesters chant "MPD, KKK, IDF they're all the same" after cops arrest one protester 30 sec

Video-the peaceful rally that caused Union Station to shut itself down 41 sec

On the 17th of November, protesters descended on DC's Union Station intent on shutting it down over the gaza genocide. When they got there, Union Station had shut themselves down, closing their doors to all but Amtrak ticket holders who could not be excluded.

Protesters rallied outside in victory, their mission for the day accomplished. It is likely that security at Union Station believed police and Dem/GOP lies about how the brutal police attack on Wednesday's protest at the DNC started. Not wanting a repeat the closed the station's doors to the public exclusing AMTRAK ticket holders.

Looks like Palestine protests and DC in particular are seriously heating up! Official over-reactions to peaceful protests have sparked a major confrontation, evacuated the DNC, and shut down a major transportation hub in the space of just two days. Things are heating up elsewhere too. In Florida, rabidly pro-Israel Gov and Presidential candidate DeSantis is proposing to criminalize ALL pro-Palestine protest if a way around the 1st Amendment can be found. Already he has ordered universities to "deactivate" Students for Justice in Palestine chapters, though the universities and their cops have no legal power to prevent them from continuing to operate without university support and funds.

Photo by Our Rights DC

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