Scenes from DC's High Heel Race

On Oct 24, DC's famous High Heel Race returned to 17th st, with the full support of the city. Among the more notable costumes were "Trump Baby" and even "Trump Baby in Jail" along with so many stunning performers.

Video highlights of the 2023 High Heel Race 1 min 9 sec

Fri Oct 13 DC Bike Party Halloween ride

Friday the 13th was the DC Bike Party's Halloween Ride. Hundreds of riders took to the streets, some bikes were brilliantly lit up and several mobile sound systems were part of the ride

Video: DC Bike Party starting out at Dupont Circle 1 min 6 sec

Hurricane Idalia: SURFING on flooded Bayshore Drive in Tampa

Video-street surfing and tubing on flooded Bayshore Drive in Tampa 1 min 11 sec

People were SURFING on Bayshore Drive in Tampa after the storm! Actually more like water skiing, but with a surfboard. Hurricane Idalia served Florida a HUGE lemon, so Tampa made lemonade. Both a surfboard and a tube raft were pulled behind 4 wheel drive trucks, plus a pair of ATV's easily handled the flooding, throwing huge rooster tails as they passed

DC Drag Defenders hold ground, defeat attempt by street preachers to push through

On the 26th of August, drag defenders kept a sold-out drag show at Aunt Helen's in Washington DC safe, defeating an attempt by hatemongering street preachers to invade at least their space if not the venue behind them. Defenders deployed umbrellas to shield families with children from the potentially doxxing cameras of the Christian extremist preachers and their allies.

Video: defenders hold the line as bigoted street preachers try to charge through 54 sec

Umbrellas up!

Critical Mass Orlando takes to the streets

On the last Friday of every month, Critical Mass Orlando takes to the streets. Hundreds of bike riders show up every month in cities all over the US, Orlando is one of a great many still holding the monthly rides.

Video-hundreds of riders take to Orlando's streets 1 min

DC Bike Party holds Halloween Ride 2022

On Friday, Oct 14 the DC Bike Party held their annual Halloween themed ride

Video highlights of the Oct 14 Halloween Ride 2 min 22 sec

DC Bike Party pulls out of Dupont Circle

DC Bike Party holds big September ride

The DC Bike Party's September ride was a big one, bikes as far as the eye could see on Mass Ave at one point.

Video-bikes as far as the eye can see 1 min 10 sec


On the 5th of September, the DropKiwiFarms campaign announced victory! The anti-LGBTQ/anti-neurodivergent doxxing and hate site kiwifarms(dot)net had just been booted off Cloudflare for "imminent threat to human life," and less than 24 hours later their backup Russian DDOS protection (DDOSguard) also booted them.

Capitol Pride Reportback

On the 11th of June, the Capitol Pride march returned to DC, this time marching to the streets next to P st Beach rather than starting there. At Dupont Circle, the same "ex-Gay and "Ex-trans" fundamentalist Christians who harassed the parade last year were back, again hiding behind the cops. In a longstanding pattern, there were way too many corporate floats in the parade, though also some explicitly political contingents. At one point, PSL's contingent chanted "you say Stonewall, we say riot!" This is a reminder to the growing theocratic menace in the US that many will not peacefully submit to any recriminalization of GLBTQ lives.

Video: Capitol Pride attendees confront bigoted "Ex-Gay/Ex-Trans" street preachers 2 min 13 sec

Video: Dangerous stampede out of Dupont Circle 21 sec, cut from Twitter video by BeingGaiden

Young people at Pride get behind the cops, confront the "ex-Gay/ex-Trans" Fundamentalist Christian screamers

Video: Clarendon Cup bicycle race returns to N Va

On the 5th of June, Pro and Cat 1 (top amateur) bike racing again came to Claredon, VA. The race, known also as the Armed Forces Cycling Classic, has Boeing as the top sponsor. This is interesting given that bicycles are known for not using fossil fuels and Boeing's products both military and commerical are some of the biggest fuel users on Earth.

Video: One pass of the Clarendon Cup bicycle race through the hairpin turn at the bottom of a long straight 30 sec

Video tomorrow