October 2023

Pro-Palestine activists in Tampa FL hold die-in and big march for Gaza

On the 29th of October, antiwar and pro-Palestine activists including many Palestinians gathered in Tampa for a die-in followed by a big march that dominated the Tampa Riverwalk

Video-die in followed by big march for Gaza on the Tampa Riverwalk 1 min 7 sec

DC marches again for Palestine

On the 28th of October, DC's antiwar and pro-Palestine communities again took to the streets, for the third Saturday in a row of big marches in solidarity with beseiged Gaza. This march went to the State Dept's 22nd st entrance Note that as this is written, Israel has invaded Gaza with ground troops, and the ground war has begun.

Video from footage by Our Rights DC 30 seconds

DC's Nadine counterprotests NJP Nazis seeking to exploit the Gaza war 30 seconds

Photo by Our Rights DC

Extinction Rebellion DC shuts down Washington Gas "Project Pipes" site

On the 26th of October Extinction Rebellion DC locked down at a Washington Gas "Project Pipes" construction site, shutting it down until they could be extracted.

Video-"Octopus" or "Star" blockade shutting down Project Pipes site 34 seconds

Photo by XRDC

Protesters hit Department of State with noise demo, car caravan for Gaza in evening rush

Late afternoon on Oct 25, antiwar protesters descended on the US Department of state with noisemakers-and a 2020-style car caravan. State Department employees coming out received chants of "Quit Your Job!"

Video: car caravan and noise protest for Gaza at State Dept 3 min 9 sec

Jewish antiwar activists lay stones, read names of dead at US Capitol

On Wed the 25th of October, Jewish antiwar activists marched from Columbus Circle (itself a monument to brutal settlers) to the US Capitol against the war in Gaza. Protesters got past bike cops, then explained that the stones were for a ritual normally practiced at gravesites and not for throwing.This allowed them to pass the stones forward and lay them on the Capitol reflecting pool's rim as though at a grave. Afterwards protesters read the names of some of the dead from Gaza, many of them children.

Video-marching on the Capitol and laying stones 3 min 13 sec

Scenes from DC's High Heel Race

On Oct 24, DC's famous High Heel Race returned to 17th st, with the full support of the city. Among the more notable costumes were "Trump Baby" and even "Trump Baby in Jail" along with so many stunning performers.

Video highlights of the 2023 High Heel Race 1 min 9 sec

Climate activists disrupt North American Gas Forum

On the 24th of Octover, seemingly all of the area climate activists descended on the North American Gas Forum, with protesters outside and disruption inside. Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources
Geoffrey R. Pyatt was inside hobnobbing with gas barons.

Video of the protest outside, ejection of the inside team, and pursuit of Pyatt's car 6 min

Transphobic bigots protest outside DC Convention Center

On the 21st of October, some kind of pharmaceutical industry or medical event was held at the DC Convention Center. For some reason it drew bigoted, anti-trans protesters who denied the very existance of trangender folks.

Author confronting the transphobic bigots at the Convention Center 22 seconds

Photo edited to deal with sign carrying offensive lie

Thousands march on US Capitol for Gaza

On the 21st of October, another major march for Gaza assembled near the Washington Monument and marched on the US Capitol. The march stretched for several blocks on Constitution Ave, sometimes while stretching all the way across the road.

Video-the blocks-long march for a ceasefire on Penn Ave 1 min 30 sec

Protesters march from US Capitol to White House for Gaza ceasefire

Gaza solidarity protests are continuing on essentially a daily basis in DC. On Friday the 20th of October, the noontime assembly at 3ed st on the Mall near the Capitol spawned a substantial march on the White House.

Video: Marchers bearing red flowers for the dead march on Biden's White House 2 min 17 sec

Flowers raised for those murdered in Gaza

"Genocide Joe" Biden's Gaza war speech draws noise protest

On the 19th of October, Biden gave an Oval Office speech trying to link his "all-in" support for Israel's war in Gaza to the ongoing war in Ukraine. A half dozen noisy protesters gathered as close to the White House press area as they could get with bullhorns and drum, denouncing Biden as "Genocide Joe."

Video: protesting "Genocide Joe's" Gaza war speech 1 min 46 sec

Beyond Extreme Energy organizer punched at "Petro Pete" protest

Climate Defiance has been bird-dogging Biden's secretary of transportation Pete Buttigieg. He is known as "Petro Pete" for his support of the oil and gas industries. At a protest presumably on Oct 19 (the day this video emerged), one of the staffers PUNCHED a Climate Defiance organizer in the face.

Climate Defiance organizer punched at "Petro Pete" protest 2 seconds