Protests erupt, force a recess as 6 week abortion ban rammed through FL statehouse

On the 13th of April, protesters succeeded in shutting down the FL "House of Misrepresentatives" for about 15 minutes by yelling and throwing down papers after one too many weakening amendments to DeSantis's 6 week abortion ban was shot down.

Video from inside the FL statehouse as protesters SHUT DOWN the session over 6 week abortion ban 2 min 43 sec

Papers thrown down from the gallery as FL House votes to ban abortion

IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for Meetings

April 13, 2023
Available for interview: Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
Contact: Anjoulie Woodhead, Communications and Outreach Director
anjoulie@jubileeusa.org / (202) 964-0134IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for MeetingsDebt Roundtable Meetings Attempt to Break Impasse on Debt Relief From China and Private Sector

Occupy Tally holds presscon warning of Desantis's ambitions of Presidency and genocide

On the 12th of April, Occupy Tallahassee held a press conference across the street from the FL state Capitol, This was the night before a scheduled vote on a bill to ban almost all abortion in Florida after 6 weeks.

Video-speakers war of the genocidal intentions and Presidential ambitions of Fl Gov DeSantis on eve of abortion ban vote 4 min

Anti-Trump protesters in NYC force MTG to run for it as Trump surrenders to 34 felonies

Donald Trump's surrender and arraignment on 34 felony counts drew duelling protests to NYC, but anti-Trump protesters had the edge. Marjorie Taylor Greene was supposed to be the star of the pro-Trump protest but she had to abandon her attempt to appear and run for it (with a massive security escort) when anti-Trump protesters swarmed her attempt to enter the area.

Video compilation: the scene in NYC as Trump surrenders and protesters force MTG to bail out 1 min 41 sec

Tiktok ban bill S 686 threatens ALL sites and ALL users

DC Indymedia could be directly targetted by S686 (AKA the RESTRICT act), the bill supposedly intended to ban tiktok but as written can be used to ban ANY website. Still worse, connecting to a banned site using a VPN or presumably tor or other workarounds would become a felony.

Video by 1000campfires.org explaining what S686 would really do 54 sec

Trump rally in Ocala, FL fizzles

Trump claimed over the weekend he would be arrested on Tues, March 21 over the Stormy Danial's hush money and its source. He called on his supporters to swarm the streets and fight for him. The result was fizzled rallies in many places. All of the Florida rallies known to this author fizzled, drawing a dozen or so.Maybe 20 cycled in and out of the 5PM rally in Ocala, FL which was supposed to be major and at which violence was feared.

Video: fizzled Trump rally in Ocala, FL, Proud Boy with his pistol showing through his pants 2 min 53 sec

THIS is all the "wild protest" Trump supporters were able to muster in Ocala, FL on March 21

Hands Off DC march/CD protests Congress blocking DC criminal justice reform

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 41 sec

Congress and the GOP have blocked DC's criminal justice reform bill in an ugly preview of things to come. On March 8, protesters marched on Capitol Hill and staged a civil disobedience against this interference, demanding statehood and the right to be left alone. Seventeen arrests were reported.

Still from Our Rights DC video

Seminole County, FL GOP headquarters trashed

On the morning of August 29, Seminole County GOP fascists found their headquarters tagged with “Eat Shit Fascists.” In addition the locks were glued, forcing the GOP MAGAts to break into their own office by the back door.

Protesters disrupt Trump's first post-J6 "America First" DC rally

On the 26th of July, Donald Trump returned to DC for the first time since he fled Biden's Inaugural on Jan 20, 2021. He was the keynote speaker at an indoor "America First" rally at the Marriott Marquis near the Convention Center. Protesters dropped an "Indict Trump" banner inside and chants of "No Trump, no KKK no Fascist USA" resonated from the walls.

Video: Protesters both inside and out disrupt the "America First" fash event 1 min 59 sec

"Greenshirt" goons

Atlanta Stop Cop City project posts promo video communique

On the 3ed of June, the Stop Cop City/Atlanta Forest Defense project posted a fundraising/promo video with many direct action scenes to scenes.noblogs.org

Stop Cop City promo video June 2022 1 min 30 sec