African Catholic Bishops Urge G7 Action on Debt, Bank Reform and Aid to Navigate Africa Crises

Africa Faith Leaders Urge Passage of New York Taxpayers and International Debt Crises Protection Act (S4747, A2970)Rome, Italy – African Catholic bishops, representing 23 countries, issued a statement to G7 leaders to take action on debt crises, development bank reform and greater aid for the continent hit by multiple crises. Finance ministers and central bank governors of the group meet this week, May 11th through 13th.

New York Assembly and Senate Champions Vow to Pass Global Debt Relief Bill

Largest New York Labor and Religious Groups Support the New York Taxpayer and International Debt Crises Protection Act  Speaking at a press conference from the famed "million dollar staircase" in New York's State Capitol, State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal and Assemblymember Patricia Fahy vowed to pass debt relief legislation, the New York Taxpayer and International Debt Crises Protection Act (A.2970, S.4747). “The global COVID-19 pandemic and climate disaster have all laid bare just how interconnected the global economy has become today,” said Fahy.

IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for Meetings

April 13, 2023
Available for interview: Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
Contact: Anjoulie Woodhead, Communications and Outreach Director / (202) 964-0134IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for MeetingsDebt Roundtable Meetings Attempt to Break Impasse on Debt Relief From China and Private Sector

Global Growth Remains Low Amidst Debt Concerns, War and Inflation, Says IMF

The challenges to the global economy and slow economic growth will continue this year, said IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. Delivering her traditional “curtain raiser” speech before the opening of the IMF and World Bank Spring meetings, she anticipated a 3% growth this year, below 3.4% last year.

Code Pink drops banner INSIDE World Bank building

On the eve of the IMF and World Bank's Fall 2022 meetings, Code Pink got inside the World Bank's headquarters and dropped a "Cancel All Debt" banner before being escorted out.

Photo by Code Pink

1776/Convoy MAGAts attempting to take over ten-four DC trucker rally

Once a year, the "ten-four DC" trucker rally sets up on the Mall, polishing and showing off their semis and talking to the public about trucking industry issues and concerns. This year they have a problem: the far-right/antivax/1776 movement convoy MAGAts are trying to take it over.

Video: Ten-Four DC on the mall, confirmed 1776'er present 1 min

This truck w anti-vax slogans was also in DC during a March 25 "convoy" run through the city

Update: SEIU strike at AU ends in labor victory and contract

Not long after students walked out of convocation, the AU management signed a contract with SEIU

SEIU out on strike at AU as students move in

On the 22th of August, SEIU-organized staff members at American University walked out on strike demanding decent pay and benefits. The strike is ongoing and everyone is being reminded NOT to cross picket lines

Video-students walk out of Convocation in solidarity w strikers 7 sec

Photo by SEIU

DSA, union workers demand Post Office dump Trump's Postmaster-General LeJoy

On the 12th of January, protesters organzied by the Charlottesville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America showed up at the headquarters of the US Postal Service. They were there to demand that Trump's burrowed-in, election sabotaging postmaster-general Lejoy be fired and replaced.

US Post Office not for sale!

Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC

Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC 16 min 40 sec

The past year in activism and politics, from the storming of the US Capitol by coup plotters to pipeline fights to the abortion showdowns