September 2016

Facebook reported blocking ALL videos about DAPL pipeline

On the 30th of September, urgent reports appeared on Twitter asking posters of Dakota Access Pipeline resistance media to use Youtube instead of Facebook because Facebook has started blocking all "media" content, presumably all videos.

Oromo people march for end to US aid to Ethiopean regime

On the 29th of September, Baltimore Bloc reported "3000+" in a march of mostly the Oromo people of Ethiopia and Kenya demanding an end to US and World Bank aid to the regime in Ethiopia. They are calling out the regime for genocide and the use of armed force to suppress peaceful protest against the Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan, which would absorb tribal lands into the capital city and create mass displacement of farmers. The ruling TPLF/EPRDF party has been called a fascist party for their treatment of the Oromo people.

Baltimore Bloc photo

DC Standing Rock Solidarity presentation from front lines: protesters sprayed from aircraft with chemicals

On the 28th of September, several activists who have been at Standing Rock recounted their experiences at St Stephens to the beginnings of the DC Standing Rock Solidarity group. They recounted the experiences at camp and gave an update on the legal status of the pipeline, in which the segment crossing the Missouri River is on hold due to legal cases concerning the river crossing and the Historic Preservation Act. They also mentioned new and ugly developments today in Standing Rock, where again loaded guns were pointed at water protectors-and an aircraft sprayed tear gas on their totally nonviolent corn planting ceremony. In addition 21 people were arrested.

Unicorn Riot's video of the Sep 28 police air and ground attack on a corn planting ceremony

Circling up before the presentation at St Stephens

Cops spray teargas from plane on peaceful NoDAPL water protectors

DC called "drunk on development" at Barry Farms zoning case appeal

On the 29th of September, Washington DC was called "drunk on development" by a witness at the The Barry Farms demolition/zoning case before the DC Court of Appeals. The lower courts have ruled that demolition of this low income housing complex can proceed but this has been on hold pending the appeal. Activists from Empower DC and the Barry Farms Tenants and Allies Association(who filed the appeal) were on hand in the courtroom as these arguments were heard.

Native Americans rally against DAPL during White House Tribal Nations Conference

On the 26th of September, Obama met with tribal leaders at the White House Tribal Nations Conference. Outside, Native Americans and allies rallied around the demand that the US Army Corps of Engineers and other parts of the Executive Branch block and reject the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).Presumably the DAPL and other pipelines that threaten Indigenous health and survival were near tne top of the agenda given current events in Standing Rock, N Dakota.

Video-whose land? OUR land!

Native Americans demand Obama reject Dakota Access Pipeline as Obama meets with leaders

21 arrests at Pentagon war protest

On September 26, 2016, antiwar activists activists associated with the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR) went to the Pentagon today seeking a meeting with decision-makers in the Pentagon chain of command including Secretary Ashton Carter. They told Pentagon police they wouldn’t leave until they spoke to an official in a position of authority about war crimes committed by the US and that they were following their obligations under Nuremberg to draw attention to these crimes of US government elected and appointed officials. Although the activists were nonviolent the Pentagon police placed 21 activists under arrest and charged them with “Violation of a Lawful Order”.

Code Pink's Youtube video from the Pentagon civil disobedience.

NCNR photo

Terrence Sterling remembered at predawn torchlight rally,rush hour blockade of NY Ave

Update 9-27: Protesters block NY ave 2nd day in row early afternoon, march on police HQ.

Beginning at 4AM on Sep 26, Black Lives Matter activists gathered at 3rd and M st to remember Terrence Sterling, shot off of his motorcycle by DC Police at 4:20AM on Sep 11, 2016. Demands at the rally included releasing all video from the shooting plus the names and addresses of the officers involved. A further demand was that the DC police be disarmed, their guns be taken away.As morning rush hour reached its peak the group marched onto NY Ave and shut it down with a curb to curb blockade

Video of the takeover of NY Ave

Blocking NY Ave in memory of Terrence Stirling

Blocking NY Ave for Terrence Sterling

Spectra " Representatives" Expelled From FERC meeting

On the 22nd of September, outraged "representatives" of Spectra Energy were kicked out of the monthly meeting of FERC for whining about the possibility of a “stop work order” on Spectra’s Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline project.The magic words were "we pay your salary!"

Video of Spectra "executives" being expelled from FERC

Security removing a Spectra "lobbyist" from the monthly meeting of FERC. the Federal Energ Regulatory Commission

Spectra's "lobbyists" get kicked out of FERC

Renters Day of Action rally demands rent freeze, eviction moratorium

The 22nd of September was the national Renter's Day of Action, with protests in over 50 cities. In DC, tenants from Congress Heights, Museum Square, and other threatened buildings gathered on Alabama Ave by 3200 13th st. Geoff Griffis of City Partners(investor) and Sanford Capitol(landlord) plan to demolish it and the adjacent occupied buildings anyway to build luxury apartments. They are stopped at the moment by Metro refusing to put a related land sale on the agenda. The banner at 3200 13th st read "liberated territory" and police acted like they expected OneDC and Justice First! to sieze the building like what happened at Parcel 42 back in 2010.

Video including Luci Murphy, the demands-and those security guards

Gathering at Congress Heights

Renters Day of Action in DC

Indigenous youth show up at Sen Barasso's office, demand hearing on Dakota Access Pipeline

Representatives of the International Indigenous Youth Council have called on Senator Barrasso, chair of the Indian Affairs Committee, to hold a hearing on the Dakota Access Pipeline. He has refused to do so. On Sep 20, Youth Council representatives and allies delivered a message loud and clear to Barrasso's office.

Video from the visit to Sen Barasso's office

Demanding a Congressional hearing on the DAPL